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Range of functions

Benefit from our many years of experience and use the extensive basic functions.
If you are missing a function, expand the program with our modules or ask us about individual programming. The possibilities are almost unlimited.



End devices / access

You do not need a separate APP, because the responsive technology enables worldwide access with any end device.

Use your cell phone, tablet, laptop or PC to access the data and use the Pet Manager without restrictions.

Worldwide access

Worldwide access through SaaS technology. All you need is Internet access.

Also ideal for distributed workstations and small associations without their own office.


All data is stored in German data centers. The data centers are certified in accordance with DIN ISO/IEC 27001 and offer the highest data protection and security standards.

At user level, optional two-factor authentication and extensive access rights provide additional security.

Master data



Manage your animals with all the important information. This includes medical data, behavior, costs, images, etc.


Record all relevant data on your adopters. You can save contracts etc. directly in the data record.

Foster homes

Do you work with foster homes? Manage all data and appointments, assigned animals, contracts, etc. directly on the data record.


Manage your sponsors, keep track of your payments and create personalized sponsorship certificates.


Enter contact details, opening hours, specialties etc. of your vets. of your vets. Search specifically for emergency practices and save contracts or invoices directly in the data record.

Free addresses

Enter any addresses of suppliers, employees, volunteers, etc. and turn the Pet Manager into the optimal headquarters for your club organization.

Advanced functions


User administration

Add as many users as you like and assign individual access rights. This means that each user only has access to the functions and data that have been released for them.


Never forget an appointment again. All appointments for vaccinations, pre- and post-treatment checks etc. can be entered fully automatically in the calendar.

Internal news

Share information with colleagues and employees and always stay up to date.


Write letters directly from the program. Use individual templates and placeholders for personal data. All letters are automatically saved in the corresponding data record (adopter, foster home, sponsor, etc.).


Contract management enables the automatic creation of contracts. For example, you choose the adopter, the animal and whether it should be registered with Tasso or Findefix. One click later, the contract is created and saved directly with the adopter.

Document storage

Save any images and documents for each animal. When using the homepage management, images for a slide show can be stored directly in the program. The standard version provides 10 GB for this data, which can be expanded at any time at low cost.

Sponsor management

Enter the monthly requirement for the animal or, for example, the one-off requirement for an operation. You can enter the amount of the donation, the payment method and the payment interval for each sponsor. Additional lists and information for the homepage are available when using homepage management.

Third-party placement

You can use this module to record animals without a serial number and provide placement assistance, for example. In connection with the homepage management, it is possible to display a list of animals from the external placement on your homepage.

Cost management

Record the expenses and income for each animal. Extensive lists and statistics provide a precise animal-related overview. Record expenses and income directly with the animal. You can see all relevant key figures and a precise list of all income and expenditure for each animal at a glance.

Inventory book

With just one click, you can print out the stock book or save it as a PDF to forward it to the vet, for example. Based on our nationwide experience with various veterinary offices, the stock book contains all relevant data at a glance. If your veterinarian has special requirements, simply let us know and we will add the desired information to the stock book.


With detailed statistics and lists, you are always up to date.

Simply put together your search criteria “at the click of a mouse” and save your frequently used search queries so that you can access them again quickly.


The GDPR module enables the simple processing of requests for information in accordance with Art. 15 GDPR. All relevant data is summarized and saved in one document. At the same time, the process is logged and can be traced at any time as proof for the data protection authorities.

TASSO interface

Register each animal directly with Tasso. In conjunction with contract management, it is even fully automated every time a contract is created.

If you wish, you can register with your club with automatic changeover after placement.

You can choose whether or not you would like to receive the information material, the animal passport and the sticker by post. This way you avoid waste and protect the environment!

Findefix interface

Register each animal directly with Findefix.

In conjunction with contract management, it is even fully automated every time a contract is created.

Are you missing a function?

Let us know your wishes and requirements. We will be happy to take your suggestions on board and consider implementing them.

Individual customizations are also possible at low cost. Simply contact us and we will prepare a suitable offer for you!

Special access rights


Veterinary offices

Your veterinarian can log directly into the system via a special access and access the stock book and the data relevant to him. Access to internal data or data subject to data protection is not possible!


This special access enables external helpers to carry out pre- and post-checks and log them directly in the Pet Manager. With the appropriate rights, changes can be made to the adopter or to the animal data.

Foster homes

Give your foster homes special access to the Pet Manager. This allows them to create an individual pet diary and enter relevant information about “their” pet.

Optional modules


Homepage management / API access

Our homepage management offers you:

  • Use of the API for direct access to your data
  • Use of the free plugin for WordPress.
    Compile lists by gender, animal species, etc. and let the Pet Manager manage the content directly. For example, animals that have been placed are automatically moved to the list of animals that have already been placed.

Pension management

Manage appointments, resources and create invoices. The clear calendar view provides a quick overview of free appointments and resources. With the open items list, you always have an overview of your finances and you can easily send reminders to late payers using the integrated dunning system.

Pension management is currently being completely redeveloped. The release is planned for the second quarter of 2024.

E-mail management / CRM

Mail Management connects your e-mail account with the Pet Manager.

  • Incoming e-mails can be answered directly in the Pet Manager
  • Users can be granted access to a collective account (e.g.
  • if users have been assigned their own account, this can also be used
  • E-mails are assigned directly to a contact (CRM)

Publication is planned for the third quarter of 2024. Not all functions may be available at the beginning. Missing functions are supplemented by regular updates.

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